Journaling is SO much more than a diary...

Studies have shown that:

  • People who journal regularly experience better, more positive moods as it helps you work through anxious feelings and worries and soothe your nerves, while helping you brainstorm solutions to challenges
  • Journaling helps to reduce the inevitable stress of life, work, and personal relationships - writing leads to clear thinking and in turn, clearer communication because you get better at putting your feelings into words
  • Regular, consistent journaling is an effective tool in your healthy living toolbox to help you fight against disease, and helps strengthens your immune system as you better understand your emotions
  • Writing something down improves your ability to remember it - journaling helps improve and stimulate your memory. Writing lets your brain know your words are important, and to pay close attention to them
  • Writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them - a journal helps affirm that your goals are possible, you create a practical plan to achieve them, and break big tasks into smaller chunks

Benefits of the Jot It Down course...

Explore the possibilities for your life, career and more - journaling creates a safe space to consider any and every idea that comes into your mind. Record your ideas and inspirations, quotes, sketches, and more

Express yourself - use journaling as a fundamental way to express yourself and share what's in the forefront of your mind to help you manage emotions, recharge your batteries, and perform self-care. It will also help boost your creativity - it's great for brainstorming and dreaming aloud

Taking time to reflect on your life helps you retain your memories and what you feel about life. Whether it's happiness, sadness, elation, or confusion, being able to see how you handled issues and celebrated high points is beneficial. Journaling also improves your sense of gratitude - focusing on the good things in your life makes you more optimistic, boosts your self-esteem, encourages patience, and helps avoid burnout

Get in touch with your authentic self as you relax and get more comfortable speaking in your own voice. Writing honestly increases your sense of self-acceptance, and with that, an increase in your confidence about expressing yourself

Even more benefits will come alive when you move thoughts and ideas from your head into a journal.

Keeping a journal gives you a place to record your thoughts, but over and above that, you can analyze where you are, where you are going, and where you have been - invaluable insights for greater self-knowledge.


Facts and benefits of journaling to help you understand all the potential benefits, plus an introduction to our on-the-spot journaling prompts throughout the course.

You'll be able to try out what you've learned immediately!

The Power of Journaling

Why is journaling so effective? Learn what makes it an excellent tool for changing your life, the meaning behind "keystone habits," and how they can help you examine and positively change other areas of your life.

The Obvious Benefits

You don't need to spend months or years studying to reap the benefits of journaling - this lesson provides you with information to help you tap into numerous positive benefits that you can achieve almost immediately.

Journaling and Your
Physical Health

Journaling has the power to help fight stress - one of the worst things for your health. Learn more details in this module and learn about the added bonuses for your reasoning skills, mood, and immune system.

There is a Journal for Everything

Don't let the fear of the blank page stop you from establishing your journaling habit - there are journals with themes like gratitude and success, others that help you document and plan your goals, food and health-related journals, and many more!

Journaling Tips

There isn't a "wrong" way to journal, but there are things you can do to create the maximum amount of positive impact upon your life.

This module contains detailed tips to help you get off to a great start, and to continue journaling productively for weeks!

Hello, I'm Dianne Daniels

Hi, I'm Dianne - Minister, Spiritual Director / Companion, and passionate advocate for women. My heart's desire is to empower women to create and live a Spiritually Authentic life.

Journaling has been a huge benefit and a constant presence in my life since my teen years. I didn't call it journaling then, but I always went beyond the daily diary entries that many of my peers were writing.

When my husband of over 30 years and I got married, he was on Active Duty with the U.S. Navy, and deployed for 7 months less that 2 months after we married.

Part of what kept me sane during his absence was my journaling practice. I wrote in my journal every day - using a simple lined notebook - and included clips of comics, and small doodles and drawings as part of the journal.

When he returned home, I shared many of my journal entries with him - they were my true emotions and authentic voice, and it helped him to understand me even better. He also joined me in journaling during his deployment - his entries helped me see his point of view.

Journaling has been such an important and critical part of my life that I developed this course so that I could share it with as many people as possible.

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